The End Of One Journey, the Start of Another.

It has come to the end of semester and after completing the two assessment tasks and blogging to my heart’s content I can say that this was a very fun unit. The tutes were always fun, and the lectures really added to my understanding about what it means to be a good coach. what people will expect from me if I do decide to go down this path in the future. The mentoring aspect of the unit was my most liked, followed closely by sharing and presenting information. You may be great coach but if you are unable to communicate and share the information regarding what you have seen you wont get anywhere. I also advanced my learning in planning programs which is very important, especially for younger athletes. Getting young athletes into a positive program which has guidance and leadership is alot easier than trying tog et them into a program which is poorly guided and has little planning. Furthering my learning of micro/macro cycles was very interesting and something I will put in place on my own and other’s programs. 

Overall it was a very fun class that enhanced my learning as well as my experience at the uni. I would like thank Keith for his time put into the unit and I always loved the nice messages we got after each lecture and tute! 

P.s. Hopefully we can win a gold medal come July. Will keep updated with the progress!

Love Simmo

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