Another Win and Beer Mugs!

Last weekend the team made the trip up to Manly in the pouring rain to contest the second NSW state cup. After victory in the previous cup held in Orange we were feeling confident we could go back to back and win another. The draw helped us a little as we did not need a 5am departure, instead a much more leisurely 9am departure. We soon encountered some terrible drivers on the way and this was compounded by the fact the heaven’s had opened up. We got there after taking several detours but made it in the end. We won 2 games on the first day and had a draw later on in the day. With the torrential rain brought many delays and after showering and eating it was only 12 by the time we all hit the hay. 

The next morning brought an early start and but nicer weather, bacons and eggs served from a cute waitress, what more do you want! Once full we lumbered our way back to the stadium, playing 2 games in quick succession. We got 2 wins out of them then progressed to the final. We played UTS again, the team we beat in Orange, and took it to them again. After slaughtering them in the first set we locked into a more normal game of volleyball before pulling away late and taking the win in 2 sets. Instead of medals we got beer mugs, for me this is a big win but for others it was a bit of a surprise. Anywyas another tournament  won, just on 2 months until nationals and the anticipation is slowly building. Can we win gold? I hope so.

As I did my assignment on mentoring I enjoyed the lecture and how I can become a more effective mentor. Mentoring is very important, not just in sport but in alot of different scenarios. Mentoring has to be done in a positive way, thinking of the person you are mentoring first. If you think of yourself your goals change and you can turn them downhill.

Anyways another win and with a few more tournaments upcoming hopefully a few more!

P.s. your coach made this video of our highlights.

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1 Response to Another Win and Beer Mugs!

  1. Keith Lyons says:

    Hello, Simon

    My apologies for not visiting your blog recently. I really enjoyed this post and your style of writing.

    Winners are grinners but where did the mud come into it?


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