A week of work and preperation

As we won last weekend we had an easy start to the week. An easy session on the tuesday of skills without jumping, aiming to refine and complete each of our skill sets for the upcoming weeks. As we are entering our competition phase we are starting to focus less on the skills as such and more on how to play, how to win and we simulate these in training with game like scenarios. This is the best way to prepare for future matches as sure, if you have the skills you will do ok, but you need the match practice and the game like siuations to ready yourself for clutch moments.

Also this week we played, as alwyas on a thursday, against the AIS team. We are always considered the underdog as the AIS consist of Aus players and future Aus players. Either way we came out swinging, and hitting I guess, and took the first 2 sets easily. We changed our line up in the third and lost in a close set but it was very pleasing to see that we are working very well as a team and completely preparing for nationals later in the year.

I also complete my slide show on mentoring! You should all check it out here, my voice is a little dodgey but thats fine!


Love Simmo

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