An easy week

As a start off Happy Easter to all! I hope you had a safe and pleasant Easter. Myself personally went down to the coast for a lovely long weekend full of fishing, catching and swimming. sometimes early mornings are rough but it pays the bills when you come home loaded full of fish, winning.

Trainings this week were polar opposites. Tuesday everyone was acting like space cadets spraying balls off into stands, not focusing, not achieving anything in a 2 hour session is quite frustrating. Compare this to Thursday when we had a much smaller group- sessions with small numbers normally turn out to be terrible as you can never practice game like situations with the low numbers or amazing because you get to practice those extra reps those few times more which is often all it takes to perfect a skill or rid a certain error out of your game. today’s session was amazing- good focus, good leadership and a lot of passion culminating in a block buster finish to the training- ye we won haha.

So this weekend we are off to Orange for one of the previously mentioned state cups. This week I foresee alot of scrimmages and fine tuning of skills before the tournament. I will endeavour to stay on top of nutrition and hydration during this week as these will hopefully help me come the weekend.


Imageit’s what I do


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