week 2

Yet another week down and the business time of uni is starting to come to the for. As well as this it is another week closer to Volleyball Juniors, another week closer to hopefully winning the elusive gold medal, which has eluded me twice. Well you know what they say, third times a charm-lets hope.

This week entailed several practice matches against the volleyball boys who make up the Australian Institute of Sport volleyball squad. I am good mates with all of these guys, but no matter about that mate ship, as soon as you step onto that court, white-line fever takes over. I played soccer cricket, basketball, tennis golf, all these sports and more but none of these sports seem to have this white line fever as much as volleyball does. I guess, as mentioned previously, that is a good thing, everyone wanting to win, but where do you draw the line? we ended up winning one set against our highly fancied opponents and pushed them through out the entire game, a positive result which can server as a good building block.

Our team of the under 23’s Will be travelling to several different state cups to refine our skills before junior champs in July. We will be travelling to orange, Illawarra and Manly. Having played these tournaments before, and wining several of them, I cans safely say that they provide invaluable match practice.

As well as that, during the past week the Canberra Cup got underway. This is just like your normal state competition with different clubs representing different regions of the ACT. I play for belconnen, club champs for the last 3 years. We got our title tilt underway with a close fought 5 set win over fiercest rivals tuggeranong-always a good game

Well on s die note it was good to see that the clubs involved with the drug taking allegations put it behind them (sharks for the NRL and bombers for the AFL) and both recorded wins this week. With the players all being cleared to play it is good to see that they still have the mental attitude to go out there and win-you never know it could be a club defining moment for either club

love simmo

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