Entry 1-

Welcome to my training blog! I am Simon and am in my third year of uni at the ripe old age of 19. I look forward to finishing the degree of Coaching science and Nutrition over the coming years with some overseas travel or playing volleyball mixed in there. I have never a done a blog or anything…so brace yourself for the worst.

Through this blog I will aim to convey the positives and negatives of aiming to win a medal at volleyball nationals later on in the year. I will explore both the mental and physical side of what it is to train and live as an elite athlete. 

Now to this week- This week started with a bang, hit the gym and broke ma pb for chin ups, no biggie, 5. Gym is a vital part of aiming to strengthen the body as well as prevent injury and help relieve any injuries that have occurred  Myself personally have very sore knees from repeated bouts of jumping for many years. Through a careful gym program and balanced workouts during the week you can gain optimal benefits, on and off the court.

Trainings this week were good, we played a scrimmage match with the whole squad, 7 on 7. It was interesting how when playing against their own team mates some people would get so into the game and start fibbing about calls or indiscretions, when the point of the exercise was to get better as a team. To say that I was surprised that their drive to win a single set of volleyball with with a win at all costs attitude was an understatement, I guess the pressure to perform is very high already.

Finally this week our team travelled to compete in the spartan race!


This is a 7km long race through many obstacles such as barbed wire, fences 3m high, mud pits and the dreaded rope climb. We got as many of our team as possible and headed to Picton! We had great fun and had a goal to complete the race as team, tackling the pugel wielding Spartans at the final step. It was great day had by all and new and exciting relationships by all who went. A must for anyone in the future.

Mentors have meant a great deal to me through my short volleyball career. I had some really good coaches early on and they really made me stick with the sport and see it through, rather than just a cheap way to get out of an afternoon of school every week as it was for a while there. My mentors have been coaches through to fellow and past players, each giving me a new insight into different aspects of volleyball. I hope to be a good mentor grow up and believe that I have the right attitude and focus to become a good mentor. Some of the younger kids at volleyball already seem to follow me in certain scenarios so maybe it is already happening.

Post one done, many more coming soon.

Love Simmo

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