The End Of One Journey, the Start of Another.

It has come to the end of semester and after completing the two assessment tasks and blogging to my heart’s content I can say that this was a very fun unit. The tutes were always fun, and the lectures really added to my understanding about what it means to be a good coach. what people will expect from me if I do decide to go down this path in the future. The mentoring aspect of the unit was my most liked, followed closely by sharing and presenting information. You may be great coach but if you are unable to communicate and share the information regarding what you have seen you wont get anywhere. I also advanced my learning in planning programs which is very important, especially for younger athletes. Getting young athletes into a positive program which has guidance and leadership is alot easier than trying tog et them into a program which is poorly guided and has little planning. Furthering my learning of micro/macro cycles was very interesting and something I will put in place on my own and other’s programs. 

Overall it was a very fun class that enhanced my learning as well as my experience at the uni. I would like thank Keith for his time put into the unit and I always loved the nice messages we got after each lecture and tute! 

P.s. Hopefully we can win a gold medal come July. Will keep updated with the progress!

Love Simmo

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Another Win and Beer Mugs!

Last weekend the team made the trip up to Manly in the pouring rain to contest the second NSW state cup. After victory in the previous cup held in Orange we were feeling confident we could go back to back and win another. The draw helped us a little as we did not need a 5am departure, instead a much more leisurely 9am departure. We soon encountered some terrible drivers on the way and this was compounded by the fact the heaven’s had opened up. We got there after taking several detours but made it in the end. We won 2 games on the first day and had a draw later on in the day. With the torrential rain brought many delays and after showering and eating it was only 12 by the time we all hit the hay. 

The next morning brought an early start and but nicer weather, bacons and eggs served from a cute waitress, what more do you want! Once full we lumbered our way back to the stadium, playing 2 games in quick succession. We got 2 wins out of them then progressed to the final. We played UTS again, the team we beat in Orange, and took it to them again. After slaughtering them in the first set we locked into a more normal game of volleyball before pulling away late and taking the win in 2 sets. Instead of medals we got beer mugs, for me this is a big win but for others it was a bit of a surprise. Anywyas another tournament  won, just on 2 months until nationals and the anticipation is slowly building. Can we win gold? I hope so.

As I did my assignment on mentoring I enjoyed the lecture and how I can become a more effective mentor. Mentoring is very important, not just in sport but in alot of different scenarios. Mentoring has to be done in a positive way, thinking of the person you are mentoring first. If you think of yourself your goals change and you can turn them downhill.

Anyways another win and with a few more tournaments upcoming hopefully a few more!

P.s. your coach made this video of our highlights.

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A week of work and preperation

As we won last weekend we had an easy start to the week. An easy session on the tuesday of skills without jumping, aiming to refine and complete each of our skill sets for the upcoming weeks. As we are entering our competition phase we are starting to focus less on the skills as such and more on how to play, how to win and we simulate these in training with game like scenarios. This is the best way to prepare for future matches as sure, if you have the skills you will do ok, but you need the match practice and the game like siuations to ready yourself for clutch moments.

Also this week we played, as alwyas on a thursday, against the AIS team. We are always considered the underdog as the AIS consist of Aus players and future Aus players. Either way we came out swinging, and hitting I guess, and took the first 2 sets easily. We changed our line up in the third and lost in a close set but it was very pleasing to see that we are working very well as a team and completely preparing for nationals later in the year.

I also complete my slide show on mentoring! You should all check it out here, my voice is a little dodgey but thats fine!

Love Simmo

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A Winning Start to the Season

volleyball orange winYEP that’s right a winning start! Over the past weekend we made our way to Orange, a medium sized town around 3 hours west of Canberra  After aiming for a 5.30 departure time and ending up leaving at half 6 it was not the ideal start to a tournament which we won last year and were looking to defend. Well we got on our way, but as things were working out that morning our coach had us driving to Sydney, I quickly pointed this out and an abrupt U-ee saw us heading in the right direction!

We made it with plenty of time for a decent warm up before our first game again University of New south Wales. We won in 3 comfortable sets and were looking good. Having played minimal games with each other it was good to see a connection was already taking place on court. After a quick turn around we played Newcastle, A group of older, wily gents. We lost 1 set but came out strong in the third to win it comfortably and progress into the finals topping our pool. We had a delicious meal at Hogs Breath and then had to travel 45 minutes to Bathurst for accommodation, either coaches idea of a funny joke or just to save money it was a great feeling to get there. A short team meeting ensued and it was lights out.

Sunday brought an early start of bacon and egg rolls from the local bakery and some chocolate milk- Breakfast of Champions! We made our way to the stadium knowing we had put ourselves in an excellent position to win the tournament. In the semi we came up agaisnt another canberra team-dragons. This contained the mgihty Chris Todd! ha. Knowing Chris’ ability to win an entire match by himself our tactics weere to not give him the ball at all. we executed these eprfectly and won in 2 comfortable sets.

We then had the final agaisnt UTS. What is turning into quite a rivalry over the last few years saw a tight first set until we pushed away ending up winnig 25-18 in the first. The second was a similar story but some good, precise serving and excellent apssing saw us take an easry 6 point lead (11-5). From here we weere uncatchable, althoghu at stages lost several points in a row we were alwyas able to bounce back and came up with the win in 2 sets 25-18, 25-17.

We got our shiny gold medals ooooo which amde the long travel home a little bit better.

A great win for the team and looking forward to building up for manly in 2 weeks time!

This is our highlights video!

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An easy week

As a start off Happy Easter to all! I hope you had a safe and pleasant Easter. Myself personally went down to the coast for a lovely long weekend full of fishing, catching and swimming. sometimes early mornings are rough but it pays the bills when you come home loaded full of fish, winning.

Trainings this week were polar opposites. Tuesday everyone was acting like space cadets spraying balls off into stands, not focusing, not achieving anything in a 2 hour session is quite frustrating. Compare this to Thursday when we had a much smaller group- sessions with small numbers normally turn out to be terrible as you can never practice game like situations with the low numbers or amazing because you get to practice those extra reps those few times more which is often all it takes to perfect a skill or rid a certain error out of your game. today’s session was amazing- good focus, good leadership and a lot of passion culminating in a block buster finish to the training- ye we won haha.

So this weekend we are off to Orange for one of the previously mentioned state cups. This week I foresee alot of scrimmages and fine tuning of skills before the tournament. I will endeavour to stay on top of nutrition and hydration during this week as these will hopefully help me come the weekend.


Imageit’s what I do


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week 2

Yet another week down and the business time of uni is starting to come to the for. As well as this it is another week closer to Volleyball Juniors, another week closer to hopefully winning the elusive gold medal, which has eluded me twice. Well you know what they say, third times a charm-lets hope.

This week entailed several practice matches against the volleyball boys who make up the Australian Institute of Sport volleyball squad. I am good mates with all of these guys, but no matter about that mate ship, as soon as you step onto that court, white-line fever takes over. I played soccer cricket, basketball, tennis golf, all these sports and more but none of these sports seem to have this white line fever as much as volleyball does. I guess, as mentioned previously, that is a good thing, everyone wanting to win, but where do you draw the line? we ended up winning one set against our highly fancied opponents and pushed them through out the entire game, a positive result which can server as a good building block.

Our team of the under 23’s Will be travelling to several different state cups to refine our skills before junior champs in July. We will be travelling to orange, Illawarra and Manly. Having played these tournaments before, and wining several of them, I cans safely say that they provide invaluable match practice.

As well as that, during the past week the Canberra Cup got underway. This is just like your normal state competition with different clubs representing different regions of the ACT. I play for belconnen, club champs for the last 3 years. We got our title tilt underway with a close fought 5 set win over fiercest rivals tuggeranong-always a good game

Well on s die note it was good to see that the clubs involved with the drug taking allegations put it behind them (sharks for the NRL and bombers for the AFL) and both recorded wins this week. With the players all being cleared to play it is good to see that they still have the mental attitude to go out there and win-you never know it could be a club defining moment for either club

love simmo

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Entry 1-

Welcome to my training blog! I am Simon and am in my third year of uni at the ripe old age of 19. I look forward to finishing the degree of Coaching science and Nutrition over the coming years with some overseas travel or playing volleyball mixed in there. I have never a done a blog or anything…so brace yourself for the worst.

Through this blog I will aim to convey the positives and negatives of aiming to win a medal at volleyball nationals later on in the year. I will explore both the mental and physical side of what it is to train and live as an elite athlete. 

Now to this week- This week started with a bang, hit the gym and broke ma pb for chin ups, no biggie, 5. Gym is a vital part of aiming to strengthen the body as well as prevent injury and help relieve any injuries that have occurred  Myself personally have very sore knees from repeated bouts of jumping for many years. Through a careful gym program and balanced workouts during the week you can gain optimal benefits, on and off the court.

Trainings this week were good, we played a scrimmage match with the whole squad, 7 on 7. It was interesting how when playing against their own team mates some people would get so into the game and start fibbing about calls or indiscretions, when the point of the exercise was to get better as a team. To say that I was surprised that their drive to win a single set of volleyball with with a win at all costs attitude was an understatement, I guess the pressure to perform is very high already.

Finally this week our team travelled to compete in the spartan race!


This is a 7km long race through many obstacles such as barbed wire, fences 3m high, mud pits and the dreaded rope climb. We got as many of our team as possible and headed to Picton! We had great fun and had a goal to complete the race as team, tackling the pugel wielding Spartans at the final step. It was great day had by all and new and exciting relationships by all who went. A must for anyone in the future.

Mentors have meant a great deal to me through my short volleyball career. I had some really good coaches early on and they really made me stick with the sport and see it through, rather than just a cheap way to get out of an afternoon of school every week as it was for a while there. My mentors have been coaches through to fellow and past players, each giving me a new insight into different aspects of volleyball. I hope to be a good mentor grow up and believe that I have the right attitude and focus to become a good mentor. Some of the younger kids at volleyball already seem to follow me in certain scenarios so maybe it is already happening.

Post one done, many more coming soon.

Love Simmo

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The Start

Blog for life

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